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eru_dition's Journal


L's Expressions are nothing but love.

"I would tell you about myself, but it's too bad: I am in hiding, as usual, and we're already using the blindfold." - L

This isn't a musebox! Really, this is just a journal to separate some other fandom stuff (fic, icons, etc.) from my personal LJ, which is not fandom-oriented.

My name is Elizabeth.

My main interest in Death Note is in L, but I sometimes RP other characters from other canons.

I'm always willing to talk to people (as long as they don't contact me under a sock, or try to start drama), but I'm not interested in one-on-one RP, and I try to be careful about time management when I pick up new games (that is, if I'm not actively seeking one, I probably don't have time to join one).

Journal layout is a remix of:

- "Don't Ask Me to Rise" by milou_veronica (the style itself)
- "Demonography" by refutare (bg graphic and color coding -- note that at this writing, this style is unavailable)